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    v TiM

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    Post by v TiM on Wed Sep 01, 2010 2:04 am

    Alright guys, this is a show I've been watching over the past few days and I have to say it is AMAZING. You should definitely check this one out. I'll post what it's about below this:


    A mysterious event causes nearly everyone on the planet to simultaneously lose consciousness for 137 seconds, during which people see what appear to be visions of their lives approximately six months in the future—a global "flashforward". A team of Los Angeles FBI agents, led by Stanford Wedeck (Vance) and spearheaded by Mark Benford (Fiennes) and his partner Demetri Noh (Cho), begin the process of determining what happened, why, and whether it will happen again. Benford contributes a unique perspective on the investigation; in his flashforward, he saw the results of six months of investigation that he had done on the flashforward event, and he and his team use those clues to recreate the investigation.

    The team investigates a number of events related to the flashforward, including "Suspect Zero", who did not lose consciousness during the event because of a Quantum entanglement device (QED), the sinister "D. Gibbons/Dyson Frost", and a similar mass loss of consciousness in Somalia in 1991. Meanwhile, personal revelations contained within the flashforwards occupy the personal lives of the principal characters. Mark Benford sees himself relapsing into alcoholism; his wife sees herself with another man; Demetri Noh sees nothing, which could mean that he will not be alive to see the day everyone else has glimpsed or, perhaps, that his future wasn't set on the day of the flashforward. Other characters grapple with similarly unexpected or surprising revelations in their flashforwards.


    Here's a link to download it in HD. I highly recommend this show, you won't be disappointed:

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    Re: FlashForward

    Post by Daivv on Wed Sep 01, 2010 2:52 pm

    I've seen one off episodes. From the episodes I have seen on Five, it looks like a pretty good show to get into. I like these kinda plots - plots that make you think outside the box. It interests me.
    iHave Reaperz

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    Re: FlashForward

    Post by iHave Reaperz on Thu Sep 02, 2010 8:01 am

    I see myself checking this out in the near future, Thanks Tim!

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    Re: FlashForward

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