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    Easy Cap DC60+

    Moose Rawr
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    Easy Cap DC60+

    Post by Moose Rawr on Fri Jul 23, 2010 1:57 pm

    Hey guys, Moose here, I thought I would do a quick review on the easy cap.

    This product is a pain in the ass! But for its price, and not to much work, you can get some amazing quality.

    All up the full setup cost me around 50$ australian dollars so that is 35ish american I think.. Excuse my currency conversion fail :S

    You have to spend a fair amout of time finding the right setting, but after some time and you find those things its easier from there.

    The only pain about the easy cap is if you want decent quality you have to render each clip after filming. This takes around half an hour for a 10 minute clip. You cant cut it down then render it as far as I know because if you dont render it and open it with sony vegas it goes all crazy and multi coloured and blurry.

    This is a very good, cheap product for people with a small to medium budget. If you have a bit more money and dont want all the fuss of this, just go for the PVR.

    7-10 Easy Cap DC60 +


    Sorry admin if I posted this somewhere wrong or didnt have the correct info. Just trying to help Wink

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